Hayfield Green: a unique and special past

This special development lies on a former RAF WWII airfield, mainly used for training purposes. The site is notable for having been a departure point for Winston Churchill for the pivotal Casablanca Conference. It was also a starting point for a bomber raid on the German battleship Scharnhorst.

To retain its historic significance and preserve the monuments for generations to come to appreciate their place in history, Hayfield is sensitively refurbishing the Bomber Teaching Building, Crew Lockers, Water Tower and the former Guard Room. The Guard Room will be handed over to Stanton Harcourt Parish Council for use as a community hub.

Other structures of note that are being restored include three Blast Shelters and an underground air raid shelter, with new information boards to explain their heritage. A landscaped pattern of walking routes will weave its way through Hayfield Green and along the airfield’s former taxiway so that residents, locals and visitors alike can partake on a historical journey of the site’s story.

The village itself is steeped in ancient history and became known as Stanton Harcourt in 1191. Harcourt House and Pope’s Tower, which is within its grounds, are amongst a large number of Listed buildings within the picturesque and idyllic village, some of which are viewable from Hayfield Green. Pope’s Tower is Grade I Listed and dates back to the 15th Century, but its name came about centuries later, as the famous poet Alexander Pope translated the fifth volume of Homer’s Iliad while residing there.

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