Photographing your home

At Breckon & Breckon we believe that property photography is really important when it comes to selling or letting a house.

That’s why we’re the only Oxfordshire firm (that we know of) that directly employs its own team of professional photographers.

Their expertise and experience means your home will be portrayed at its absolute best and will make an instant impression on prospective buyers. We also appreciate that getting your home ready for our photographer can be a challenge, in terms of knowing what you should keep on display and what you should hide away. This guide contains some handy hints to make it easier and help make sure that we show your home to its maximum potential.

For starters, it may sound like a cliché but less is definitely more. Take the minimalist approach. The less clutter in your home, the more impact the images will have. Our photographer(s) will of course move anything that needs to move on the day with your permission but we can save a lot of time by preparing in advance. You can see more for yourself about our professional photography service by simply viewing any of the property listings we have on this site!

The results speak for themselves.

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