London Buyers

Many local agents with offices in London will tell you that they have great access to ‘London buyers’. This implies that these buyers would potentially pay a higher price than anybody else.

In reality London buyers are the same as you and me.  They are simply people looking to move from A to B and in doing so will want to ensure they sell at the best possible price and buy at the best possible price.  It also implies that these ‘London buyers’ search for property in a completely different way to everybody else.  Whereas most normal buyers would approach agents in the area where they are looking to help them with their search, London buyers apparently only talk to other London firms.  Can you imagine going to an agent in Chelsea and asking them to assist in your search for a house in Oxford?

Access to buyers is important and currently 60% of the buyers registered with us do not live in Oxfordshire.  Most buyers when moving to a different area will research that area thoroughly and will want to look at all available properties that meet their criteria together with speaking to their local agents before making a decision on what to buy.

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