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Home of our HQ, Summertown is a vibrant suburb located in North Oxford. Summertown comprises a bustling business centre, a variety of shops and beautiful residential areas. Alongside the offerings of the high street there are a selection of sports and leisure facilities, impressive schools, eateries and the scenic countryside!
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Life in Summertown

Summertown is mainly a residential area just outside of Oxford city centre, originally home to majority college fellows from The University of Oxford. As Summertown became more popular, a variety of shops, bus and restaurants developed along Banbury Road. Summertown is perfect for coffee stops and a look around the selection of boutique shops. 

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History of Summertown

Summertown has been home to a variety of famous people, including J.R.R Tolkein, who lived in Northmoor road for over 25 years. When Summertown was originally being developed, a collection of large homes were built along Banbury and Woodstock Road. 

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Breckon Rewards

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Find local businesses in Summertown that are part of our Breckon Rewards scheme. Our Rewards scheme is made up of a collection of local independent businesses who offer a discount/offer to our Reward card holders. Register for your free Rewards card on our website today!

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Summertown and surrounding areas

A varied range of local amenities, schools and shops.

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Summertown Office

Twining House, 294 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7ED

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