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In 2019 we were approached by the Directors who were looking for a new agent to take over the management of their development of 169 units in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Whilst they were happy with their Property Manager, the block management company had recently been purchased by a larger corporate one and they no longer felt that they had the personal touch and expenditure was increasing disproportionately year on year. 


Our management started in August 2019 and we began by carrying out an audit of current expenditure and contractors/suppliers, many of whom were not local. We looked for cost saving solutions where value for money was not compromised. Due to the nature of the previous agents business there were areas of expenditure that could be reduced significantly with a local and sensible approach. 


We have been the Managing Agents for 4 years now and the development is thriving with our local contractors and hands-on approach. We have built trust with the Directors with our transparency and ability to solve problems efficiently.

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