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Our Land & New Homes department is built on an unrivalled combination of experience, insight and knowledge which enables us to help landowners and house builders maximise the value in land and new homes sales.

We understand that house builders rely on specialists with proven market experience in identifying and supplying land opportunities, so we ensure that our team is trained to act in your best interests.

Land Acquisition:

How: For house builders and developers looking to acquire sites, we proactively seek out overlooked parcels of land, locate the owners, initiate sales discussions and help secure the best possible price.

The first to know: Drawing upon our extensive network of local knowledge and contacts, we make sure our clients are consulted first for major opportunities.

Who: Breckon & Breckon work with private buyers and sellers of land, as well as institutional investors, small-to-medium sized developers and national house builders along with a large database of potential self-builders.   Our unique expertise and network mean that we excel in turning positive conversations into completed transactions.

We understand: Ultimately, we understand your needs and our business culture is founded on helping you meet those requirements. We have significant experience of all aspects of the development land market and can provide you with expert advice on acquisition and disposal.

House builders and land owners engage our services at every stage of the development cycle, although we can deliver maximum value when we’re consulted early-on in the process.

Trustworthy, recognised

Advice you can rely on

We offer on-the-ground insight and advice that is regularly converted into profitable results. Come to us for design advice and tactical guidance on key regeneration projects, or press our team on anything from option appraisals and scheme optimisation, to feasibility studies or getting the housing mix right for a specific location.

Our development services include:

  • Land sales and acquisition
  • Pricing reports
  • Market research
  • Concept analysis
  • Scheme analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Land disposal
  • New homes sales
  • Help to Buy Developer applications
  • Site branding, design, and brochures all created by our in house marketing team

We excel in delivering all the necessary elements for the successful launch of a development, and the expertise and commitment to fully support the project for its duration. We have a great deal of experience of managing on-site sales operations for our clients and you can count on our staff to represent your company professionally and to uphold your best interests.

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To speak to one of the members of our expert land team, please click here for contact information, opening hours and staff profiles. We'd love to hear how we could help.

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