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FLTR Coffee

FLTR Coffee believe that coffee is best when care is taken on all levels of the production process – from growing the coffee cherries, through to harvest, processing, roasting and brewing. Their passion for coffee is authentic. They hope to create a coffee culture, inspired by science and art, that raises the expectation of what coffee can be.

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They believe that full life comes through relationships. Their coffee passion is only superseded by their passion for a community where relationships flourish. They hope to create a neighbourhood space where people can gather, share life, and grow in relationships that spill over into our daily lives. Therefore, they will create a hospitable space where people can gather and share life as family.

"Lovely traditional but modern community coffee shop. Good coffee, friendly and relaxed atmosphere when you can sit and really chill out."



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Their dream is that their passion for coffee and community will allow them to help others grow and achieve their dreams.

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